Our Mission

To provide a robust understanding of the drivers of employee engagement to facilitate, support, and embed change; and the achievement of commercial objectives through people.

There are now many studies which show a direct correlation between employee engagement and organisational performance. The recent MacLeod Report commissioned by the British Government cites many examples.

In most organisations, the value of intellectual capital outstrips the value of tangible assets by quite a margin. That means that the largest asset to be managed has a significant human dimension. Our systemic approach to engagement also delivers a robust platform for employer branding.

We do not assume that employees are our clients' greatest asset.
We help create the culture that determines that they will be.

We recognise that companies are dynamically complex systems and that necessitates a joined-up approach to engagement and the people practices and policies that drive it.

Organisations with engaged employees enjoy lower absenteeism, lower costs of attrition, fewer reportable accidents, less wastage, better productivity, and significantly out-perform their less engaged counterparts by quite a margin. It doesn't matter what performance measures you use; we have helped this process in PLCs where they measure Total Shareholder Returns; Mutuals, where they measure member value; and Professional Services where they measure Partner profit.

We are firm believers in research-based strategies. Find out more about our survey instruments here.

Our Accreditations

IOD - Institute of Directors Member of Scoltand Food & Drink IABC - International Association of Business Communicators CMI - Chartered Management Institute ABC - Accredited Business Communicator European Mentoring and Coaching Council